Single snap shot


This demo shows how to create a single snap shot using Blender.

What this demo does

This demo uses the visualization tool from FiberPy to get a single snap shot from a FiberSim simulation.


Download Blender

First, download Blender at This demo utilizes Blender 2.92. If your edition is different than this, navigate to <FiberSim_dir>/demo_files/visualization/single_frame and open blender_data.json as a text file. Change the instance of “Blender 2.92” to your current version.

blender path

Getting ready

  1. Open an Anaconda Prompt
  2. Activate the FiberSim Anaconda Environment by executing:
     conda activate fibersim
  3. Change directory to <FiberSim_dir>/code/FiberPy/FiberPy, where <FiberSim_dir> is the directory where you installed FiberSim.

  4. Type python render_model ../../../demo_files/visualization/single_frame/render_batch.json

  5. A Blender window will open during the process, and close when the rendering is over.

Viewing the results