FiberCpp is the ‘core model’ of the FiberSim suite. The code

  • implements the underlying the simulation
  • is written in C++ for speed
  • is a low-level console application stored as FiberCpp.exe in <repo>/FiberSim/bin

FiberCpp is designed to run simulations as quickly and efficiently as possible. It does not have a sophisticated user-interface.

Most people will find it easier to run FiberCpp simulations via FiberPy. See the demos for many examples.

Only those adding new features to the software (or trying to fix bugs) will need to work directly with FiberCpp.

Class diagram

<!– classDiagram

FiberSim <|-- muscle

muscle <|-- FiberSim_model
muscle <|-- FiberSim_options
muscle <|-- FiberSim_protocol
muscle <|-- FiberSim_data
muscle <|-- half_sarcomere
muscle <|-- series_component

FiberSim_model <|-- kinetic_scheme
FiberSim_model <|-- model_hs_variation

FiberSim_data <|-- hs_data

half_sarcomere <|-- thick_filament
half_sarcomere <|-- thin_filament

kinetic_scheme <|-- m_state

m_state <|-- transition

class FiberSim_version
class JSON_functions
class BS_thread_pool
class global_definitions >

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