Current members

Key contributors to the FiberSim team include:

  • Ken Campbell
    • Principal Investigator, University of Kentucky, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
    • manages the overall project
    • wrote most of FiberCpp
    • wrote most of FiberPy
    • many of the demos


  • Sarah Kosta
    • Post-doc, University of Kentucky Department of Physiology (2001 to 2002)
    • optimized algorithms for the FiberCpp code
    • validated the calculations
    • helped develop the website and demonstrations
  • Dylan Colli
    • Post-bac student
    • worked on prototypes of the code-base
    • created the first versions of the website and GitHub repository
    • developed the first visualizations using Blender

Special thanks to

  • Qiang Ye
    • Principal Investigator, University of Kentucky Department of Mathematics
    • helped optimize the iterative algorithm used to perform the force-balance calculation in FiberCpp